dReader empowers creators to earn revenue through self-publishing their comics on the platform via dPublisher creator interface with a high profit cut of up to 90% of sales revenue with a minimum of 80% share.

Independent creators who may not have the resources or connections to publish through traditional channels can now use dReader to share their stories and gain recognition in the industry.

dPublisher takes a percentage of the revenue generated from the primary and secondary sales of these self-published comics as commission.

One part of these profits will be used for marketing various comics on external services, whilst another part will be distributed to existing and new creators in a form of creator grants.

Furthermore, dReader could also provide tools and resources for creators, such as tutorials and guides, to help them create and publish comics on the platform. This will help to create a sustainable ecosystem for creators and empower them to share their stories, reach new audiences and monetize their work.

Major part of dPublisher profits from royalties will play a vital role in our business model.

As a conclusion, self-publishing feature allows creators to have more control over their creative process while collecting more profits than traditional publishing could offer.

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