Creators using dReader have the opportunity to connect with a dedicated and engaged audience of digital comic enthusiasts.
The platform's user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and search features make it easy for readers to discover new comics and creators, providing creators with a wider potential audience for their work. Additionally, by providing a decentralized marketplace for digital comics, dReader allows creators to reach a global audience, regardless of their location.
The platform can also provide valuable insights into readers' engagement and preferences, allowing creators to tailor their comics to better serve their audience. Furthermore, dReader's community features such as commenting, ratings, and discussion forums provide creators with direct feedback from readers, allowing them to improve their comics and connect with their audience more effectively.
Readers will get the opportunity to attend digital meet-ups and receive digital signatures from the comic authors, this makes the reading experience more personal and interactive, and enhances the enjoyment of reading digital comics.
signed and unsigned copy
signing a collectible

In-app chat

Creators and users will also have have a real time chat feature which they could use to connect. This way, creators would be able to establish a direct link with their audience, and users will be able to reach out to their favorite artists with the goal of learning more about them, plot of the next comic episode, or with the goal of hiring the creator for commission art.
Within the chat, creators would be able to sign NFTs (change it's metadata to have their digital signature) and create transactions which users could sign in order to pay for a successfully completed contract job.
In-app chat will be native web3 and implemeted via Dialect protocol